Unwrapping Mac Miller’s transformation from a wide-eyed kid caught in a whirlwind of fame to one of the greatest musicians of our generation.

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Who was Mac Miller in 2009?

Chance reflects on the grim reality of gun violence in Chicago and comes face to face with his own mortality.

Source: @Hiphopunrapped47 on IG

Everybody Dies in the Summer

“Purity” finds the rappers struggling to make peace with their mental health.

A$AP Rocky TESTING dummy | Source: @tanlongdot on IG

Rocky and Frank Grapple with Mental Health Issues

Anderson .Paak, JID, Noname, and Jay Rock come together to protest police brutality and shatter the American myth.

Anderson .Paak, JID, Noname, and Jay Rock | Source: Anderson Paak on YouTube/JID on YouTube/The Fader/Chantal Anderson.

The People are Rising

The prolific rapper’s take on why humans are so bad at being happy.

Source: Dreamville Records

Humans Are Terrible at Predicting What Will Make Them Happy

Video Source: Dreamville

Lottery Winners vs. Paraplegics

Source: TopDawgEntertainment on YouTube/HipHopUnrapped47

Ab-Soul and Danny Brown’s not-so-subtle case for anarchy.

Source: Saba Pivot, LLC

Unwrapping the exploitation of black culture in the…

A Modern Take on the Declaration of Independence

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We can’t fix a system that is operating as intended.

Photo Credit | @Carlos Gonzalez / Star Tribune

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The Rise of Shrek


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